It is advisable for inexperienced gardeners to buy potted plants instead of trying to grow their own plants from seed. This article discusses some of the reasons why buying potted plants is a better option for such people.

Less Equipment Required

Growing plants from seed requires you to have an array of equipment and materials ranging from spray bottles, seed trays and potting soil. Such equipment and materials may be costly to buy all at once. Getting potted plants allows you to start your gardening journey with a smaller initial investment in equipment.

Less Time-Consuming

It is easy for an inexperienced gardener to underestimate how time-consuming it is to grow your plants from seeds. You need several weeks to get the seedlings ready for the outdoor garden. You need to invest time in watering the freshly germinated seeds until they are ready to be transplanted. Buying potted plants can save you all those weeks of devoted attention because you simply visit the wholesale nursery when you are ready to plant the seedlings in the garden.

Fewer Losses

Growing your own plants from seed creates several opportunities for losses to occur. For example, some of the seeds may not germinate. Even those that germinate may die off due to excessive or insufficient watering. The process of hardening off the plants can also result in some losses. Getting potted plants can save you from some of those losses because you will acquire plants that are ready for the garden.

Hardly Any Timing Complications

People who intend to grow plants from seed must know when to establish the nursery bed so that the plants will be ready for transplanting at the appropriate time of the year. This requires the individual to know how long it will take the seeds to grow to a level where they can be transplanted. The person also has to know the weather patterns of his or her area in order to time the season correctly. Beginners can avoid these timing challenges by buying potted plants from a nearby nursery.

Less Space Needed

Growing plants from seed requires you to have a protected space from where the seeds will be planted and cared for until they are ready for the garden outdoors. This space is usually indoors since the outdoor weather may still be hostile to plants. Buying potted plants saves you from having to set aside some of the space inside your home in order to grow your own plants.

Potted plants also have some shortcomings, such as getting hybrids from which you cannot obtain seeds for the next planting season. Talk to a wholesale nursery operator near you so that you get expert advice about the best way to obtain planting materials for your garden.